Nightmarishly funny... She’s a wonderfully expressive actor with a physical range which verges on contemporary dance and a special talent for mischievous humour.
— Cameron Woodhead, The Age (on Déjà Vu)
Snelling is charming, charismatic and hilarious, pulling off this unique show with a flair that grips the audience – she is a delight to watch. Notably impressive is her improvisation, which left the audience in stitches.
— Nathan Quadrio, Glam Adelaide (on #DearDiary)
Snelling is so skilled at getting the audience onside that you’re left wanting more
— Owen Richardson, Daily Review (on #DearDiary)
Andi Snelling is spellbinding. She is a master chameleon of movement, a physical provocateur.
— Jo Daly, Weekend Notes (on Déjà Vu)
Snelling is a dancer with an actor’s face, and she’s never less than an engaging presence.
— Tim Byrne, Timeout (on Déjà Vu)
Snelling is a super charismatic performer; I’d happily crawl through paddocks of broken glass to see this show.
— Andrew Fuhrmann, theatre critic (on Déjà Vu)
A spectacular performance. Her acting talent is phenomenal.
— Penny Stephens, Milkbar Mag (on Déjà Vu)
From the moment Andi Snelling clambers onto the stage, you know she will entertain you until the very end... She is a phenomenal actor and singer, captivating the audience during the entire performance.
— Prerna Ashok, Fringe Review (on #DearDiary)
Snelling’s incredible control over her body while performing is sublime to watch and she takes great pleasure in playing with the gothic and the grotesque.
— Myf Clark, Aussie Theatre (on Déjà Vu)
Snelling is a skilled vocalist and an ever engaging performer and knows how to milk a comic pause... Touchingly vulnerable...
— Liza Dezfouli, Beat (on #DearDiary)
In the hands of a lesser artist, this could be an indulgent romp, but in Snelling’s sure grasp, what we have is an entertaining, at times deeply moving, look at the nature of the human condition.
— Peter Burdon, The Adelaide Advertiser (on #DearDiary)
Chief villain Dostoyana Ursine (Andi Snelling) is given abundant pathological rage and loathing and very nearly steals the show. Clearly not about to be limited by the radio play format, Snelling contorted her face to show disdain and malevolence, and made her fellow actors call on superhuman reserves of stoicism to avoid laughing.
— Jason Whyte, Aussie Theatre (on Bullet)
Clown-like, engaging... Andi is an accomplished singer, a talented and warm performer.
— Michael Coghlan, The Clothesline (on #DearDiary)
Particularly affecting were Snelling’s short movement solos. Her body would flow and the jerk, like that moment when you fall into deep sleep too quickly and are jolted awake, gave great texture to the piece.
— Fiona Spitzkowsky, Theatre People (on The Insomnia Project)
Andi Snelling is an accomplished, generous performer.
— Elizabeth Semmel, Melbourne Observer (on #DearDiary)
Snelling demonstrates an amazing understanding of her physical body in space as she replicates a zombie, and those scary late night shadows, clinging to floors and walls in her torturous everlasting night.
— Samsara Dunston, Planet Arts (on The Insomnia Project)
Snelling’s movements are particularly impressive and there is something within her that provides the show with a subtle dark humour.
— Myf Clark, Beat (on The Insomnia Project)
Her masterful facial expressions are a significant highlight to the show: phenomenal, captivating, and consistently inducing the right response from the audience... One of the most standout solo shows of the Melbourne Fringe Festival
— Corey Glamuzina, The Plus Ones (on #DearDiary)
Her honesty is refreshing and moving. The writing is impeccable. The performance is seamless.
— Keith Gow, Aussie Theatre (on #DearDiary)
The standout is Andi Snelling as the Russian-accented baddie Dostoyana Ursine.
— Megan Miller, Herald Sun (on Bullet)
Funny and brave construction of art from life... Snelling is very funny, witty and a natural clown... This is a packed 60 minutes with no false steps and very revealing
— Peter Green, 3MBS Radio (on #DearDiary)
Snelling’s big hearted openness embraces the audience and holds them affectionately close... The audience felt, and truly was, at one with Snelling.
— David O'Brien, The Barefoot Review (on #DearDiary)
You can’t help but love Snelling’s animated facial expressions and pantomime-like movements. Her style is unique, clever and charming.
— Lisa Romeo, Planet Arts (on #DearDiary)
The chorus of maids - here Jane Barry, Andi Snelling and Mia Landgren - are compellingly morbid caricatures, by turns sexy, caustic and finally, baleful. There are also fine impressions of the clever, gangsterish Odysseus.
— Andrew Fuhrmann, Timeout (on The Penelopiad)
I am charmed by Snelling’s vivacity, her clever transition from narration to song to dance and to moments of quiet reflection... A performer who lights up the stage.
— Peter Wilkins, Canberra Critics Circle (on #DearDiary)
Andi Snelling brings light to her (the director’s) vision through captivating performance and emotive vocals.
— Nick Jones, Pop Culture-y (on The Insomnia Project)
An outstanding performance by Andi. This show is a testament to her talent and stage versatility.
— Fiona Anderson, Weekend Notes (on #DearDiary)
Andi Snelling (is) in fine form... bringing strong physical theatre and clear diction to the animal adventurers.
— Cameron Woodhead, The Age (on Wind In The Willows)
Nicholas Dubberly was superb as the grotesque Ubu, as was Andi Snelling as Captain Bordure.
— Lee Bemrose, Australian Stage (on Ubu Roi)
Andi Snelling’s sharp grotesquerie and pathos...
— Cameron Woodhead, The Age (on Ubu Roi)
Andi Snelling was a standout, but this takes nothing away from the rest of the cast - this was a cracker of a bit of dance.
— Festival Freak (on We Are…)
Intelligent playing from a gifted and tight-knit cast.
— Anita Butler, British Theatre Guide (on The Common Good)
Particularly effective (is) Snelling’s vicious grin as Odysseus.
— Cameron Woodhead, The Age (on The Penelopiad)
Andi Snelling in particular wound herself so tightly up into cackling, sociopathic knots as the ruthless Russki rotter, that at times I feared for her tendons!
— Triple R radio (on Bullet)
As a very different Mole, Andi Snelling gave her role a vigour and projection that raised the outdoor performance setting to a tee.
— Peter Green, 3MBS radio (on Wind In The Willows)
Very fine performances.
— Sian Prior, ABC radio (on The Penelopiad)
The characters are richly developed and beautifully played by four very talented actors.
— Trevar Alan Chilver, Australian Stage (on Virginia and Some of her Friends)