Happy-Go-Wrong wins award at Melbourne Fringe!

My new solo show Happy-Go-Wrong enjoyed a completely sold-out season at Melbourne Fringe and received incredible audience feedback, standing ovations and rave reviews. I am extremely proud that, out of the 455 shows/events on at the festival, Happy-Go-Wrong won the prestigious SA Tour Ready Award supported by Adelaide Fringe! Below are a smattering of the beautiful reviews the show has received so far.

Special Guest on Kids' WB TV!

A certain someone flew in for a few episodes as a special guest on Kids’ WB TV (9GO!) I enjoyed talking all things extinction-fighting and animal poo in my role as zooperhero Zoopergirl with Presenters Lauren Phillips and Andy Sunderland. Yup. I’ve been wearing lycra my whole life and so the trend continues. Check out one of the eps below...

Brinda's back on Neighbours

Brinda has had quite a time recently with her beloved Erinsborough Community Centre suffering a gas attack! But she has also been enjoying hanging out at Harold’s Cafe.

Once again, I’m feeling super grateful to be a (small) part of the Neighbours family and feel lucky that my initial role which first aired back in 2017 has continued to pop in and out over the years. It really is a fun, nurturing environment to work in as an actor. Total dream team!


My exciting new solo show Happy-Go-Wrong will have its development season this May as part of La Mama Explorations 2019. This show is not only experimental artistically, but also physically for me with my chronically ill body. It’s my first time back on stage with a new work in years. I’m very proud. It’s a beautiful gem of a show which is driven by my own real-life navigation of struggle and mortality through my illness and the extraordinary resilience which us humans often don’t realise we have in us until we are put to the test. As is my Andi way, the show blends physical theatre with clowning and plunges deep into existentialism, while remaining a comedy with pathos. I promise you’ll have as much fun as you will meaningful reflection with this one! It’s on Fri 17th, Sat 18th & Sun 19th May, 7:30pm at The Burrow, Fitzroy and you can book HERE.

The show must go wr..on..g? (image: Darren Gill)

The show must go wr..on..g? (image: Darren Gill)

Silent Comedy TV

I recently appeared on Channel 31 TV doing my debut “Stand Up” routine. You could say, it left me speechless and floored…

"Fire" Music Video

I have recently had the privilege of choreographing and dancing in a beautiful Music Video for Price Park’s ambient new track Fire. It was a joy to be directed by Max Miller on this special project which we shot under a Full Moon in front of a stunning roaring fire.

Return to Neighbours

Have you heard the news? Brinda from Kinder is back on Neighbours! It was great to return to the famous Nunawading studios and shoot with the awesome Erinsborough crew and to say hi again to Nell, whose teacher I am! 

Sonya and Nell are happy to see kindy teacher, Brinda.

Sonya and Nell are happy to see kindy teacher, Brinda.

But there's some confusion and Brinda's got bad news for them...

But there's some confusion and Brinda's got bad news for them...

Risk Residency at Darebin Arts

I have been feverishly ferreting away this March-April at my Risk Residency at the Darebin Arts Centre, supported by Darebin Council. It's my first time in 1.5 years back in a rehearsal room getting creative. It's been so fulfilling having this amazing opportunity to take creative risks with such freedom and support from Darebin Arts. I've been exploring themes of overcoming adversity, inspired by my own experience of navigating chronic Lyme disease and the daily struggle for survival this has thrust upon me. I feel art has a powerful capacity to make the experience of invisible illness more visible, whilst magically bringing humanity together through the distance of the abstract. It has been a fruitful period in which I now feel inspired to create my third solo work, which I anticipate will blend contemporary dance and clowning in ugly-beautiful comedic bliss.


A New Artistic Enquiry

I haven't danced for a long time due to chronic Lyme disease but I randomly decided to see how my body might move on a "good day." I experienced breathlessness, muscle pain and exhaustion from this short improvisation experiment. All of these things are probably invisible to the viewer. Hence, I'm currently interested in exploring how an artist with newfound limitations on their body can still find ways to make their art. Watch this space.

The Deep Dive Artists' Lab

Today I was honoured to participate in a compelling Artists' Lab run by Arts Centre Melbourne called The Deep Dive which delved into neurodiversity in art, particularly performance. We learnt and dissected the art, arts practices and creative processes of some of Australia's leading neurodiverse artists and allies. It was wonderfully hands-on and got me challenging the assumptions which conventional artistic expression makes, as well as reflecting on my own work. I connected with some incredible artists and companies who I look forward to collaborating with in the future.

Frantic Assembly Workshop

Today, I participated in an awesome Movement Uncovered workshop, run by Frantic Assembly/Arts Centre Melbourne at Dancehouse. It was really great learning the physical exercises and techniques employed by the Frantic Assembly company. They're out at the moment touring The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, which I loved. I learnt how to fly just like Christopher and really clicked with movement director Delphine Gaborit who gave me a lovely compliment at the end of the workshop on my performance style. This was the first time in a very long time that I moved my body again and it felt so joyous.

Me flying at the Frantic Assembly workshop! (Photo: Joshua Cowie)

Me flying at the Frantic Assembly workshop! (Photo: Joshua Cowie)

Guest on 'The Leak' TV Show

I was a Guest Comedian on the super fun news and current affairs quiz show, The Leak Quiz Night which aired on Channel 31 last night. Of course, I was not at all competitive. Not. At. All. I didn't win the prized wheel of cheese, but I was definitely cheesy. 

The full episode can be viewed in 3 parts on YouTube: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.


Neighbours episode

If you've ever wondered who Erinsborough's kindergarten teacher is then look no further! It is Brinda Appadoo (played by yours truly) who, in her debut episode, lays it all on the line for Sonya and Toadie...

Clowning Around

I have recently completed a 6-week clown training course with the Melbourne Community Clown Troupe, headed by the fantastic Liz Skitch at Westside Circus. As a physical performer with loads of comedy experience, I took to this training like a clown to a red nose, literally. I find it so useful as a theatre-maker to experience many different performance styles and clowning is definitely a growing passion of mine. Sometimes, the simple and seemingly silly can reveal humanity on a scale far greater than any complex drama. This is why I find clowning so wonderfully deceiving in its power. 

Here I am in all my idiotic glory! (Image: Nayt Housman)

Here I am in all my idiotic glory! (Image: Nayt Housman)

Corporate Role-Play for State Government of Victoria

I've been doing a lot of acting role-play work for many years now. Often, I work as a Simulated Patient for various hospitals, universities and institutions, helping to train doctors, medical staff and medical students in communication skills and high stakes emergency or surgery situations. I also do corporate role-play jobs for large organisations and businesses and have this year been doing such work for the State Government of Victoria. It is confidential so I can't share the details, but it is very rewarding work, using my skills as a professionally-trained actor to assist in the understanding of human interactions and ultimately, the development of greater empathy. When you do this type of work, you see the impact of it immediately as the simulations are often so real and believable. It's wonderful work for an actor and I feel very lucky that all my "on the side" jobs utilise my acting abilities. It means I'm practising my craft every, single week.

Sometimes I bring in my own props to help create the role-play character's world more.

Sometimes I bring in my own props to help create the role-play character's world more.

Voice-Over Agency

I've just recently joined Audio Concierge voice agency. Check out my profile HERE. Or for my full collection of voice samples, go HERE.

Writing, writing, writing

This summer, I've been hired by the University of Western Sydney to do some academic writing on the craft of acting, as well as write educational content for an innovative program they will be launching in 2017. It's currently top secret, so I can't share anything other than this photo of what my desk looks like...