Neighbours episode

If you've ever wondered who Erinsborough's kindergarten teacher is then look no further! It is Brinda Appadoo (played by yours truly) who, in her debut episode, lays it all on the line for Sonya and Toadie...

Clowning Around

I have recently completed a 6-week clown training course with the Melbourne Community Clown Troupe, headed by the fantastic Liz Skitch at Westside Circus. As a physical performer with loads of comedy experience, I took to this training like a clown to a red nose, literally. I find it so useful as a theatre-maker to experience many different performance styles and clowning is definitely a growing passion of mine. Sometimes, the simple and seemingly silly can reveal humanity on a scale far greater than any complex drama. This is why I find clowning so wonderfully deceiving in its power. 

 Here I am in all my idiotic glory! (Image: Nayt Housman)

Here I am in all my idiotic glory! (Image: Nayt Housman)

Corporate Role-Play for State Government of Victoria

I've been doing a lot of acting role-play work for many years now. Often, I work as a Simulated Patient for various hospitals, universities and institutions, helping to train doctors, medical staff and medical students in communication skills and high stakes emergency or surgery situations. I also do corporate role-play jobs for large organisations and businesses and have this year been doing such work for the State Government of Victoria. It is confidential so I can't share the details, but it is very rewarding work, using my skills as a professionally-trained actor to assist in the understanding of human interactions and ultimately, the development of greater empathy. When you do this type of work, you see the impact of it immediately as the simulations are often so real and believable. It's wonderful work for an actor and I feel very lucky that all my "on the side" jobs utilise my acting abilities. It means I'm practising my craft every, single week.

 Sometimes I bring in my own props to help create the role-play character's world more.

Sometimes I bring in my own props to help create the role-play character's world more.

Voice-Over Agency

I've just recently joined Audio Concierge voice agency. Check out my profile HERE. Or for my full collection of voice samples, go HERE.

Writing, writing, writing

This summer, I've been hired by the University of Western Sydney to do some academic writing on the craft of acting, as well as write educational content for an innovative program they will be launching in 2017. It's currently top secret, so I can't share anything other than this photo of what my desk looks like...

Déjà Vu critical success

With several sold-out shows and wonderful reviews, I've now completed the Melbourne Fringe season of my latest solo show, Déjà Vu (And Other Forms of Knowing). Below are the reviews:

"Sublime to watch... An eerie and fascinating physical exploration... a truly original and exciting show." - Myf Clark,  Aussie Theatre

"Nightmarishly funny... with a special talent for mischievous humour. Déjà Vu is dreamlike and will leave you mystified." - Cameron Woodhead, The Age

"Truly beautiful... (Snelling) is never less than an engaging presence... It's like something out of Beckett; an Endgame for one." - Tim Byrne, Timeout

"Dance theatre at its best." - Anne-Marie Peard, Sometimes Melbourne

"Snelling is spellbinding... a master chameleon of movement, a physical provocateur,  - Jo Daly, Weekend Notes

"A spectacular performance... her acting talent is phenomenal." - Penny Stephens, Milkbar Mag

"Brilliant... a piece that allows the audience to take away different perspectives." - April Brenner, BCause Arts

"An exciting piece that will have you working from beginning to end." - Amber Bock, The Plus Ones

"Every scene is visually striking... Andi has such incredible control of her body." - Keith Gow

 Image by Sarah Walker

Image by Sarah Walker

Déjà Vu (And Other Forms of Knowing) coming to Melbourne Fringe

My hotly anticipated new solo show is tearing up the rehearsal room and almost ready to go! Ticket sales have rocketed away, with Opening Night already 50% sold! After the huge success of #DearDiary - a show which is still on tour as we speak! - I am excited to be returning to my dancing roots and taking my work in a completely different direction. I've thrown out the pages and am diving body-first into my subconscious mind in this dark physical theatre exploration of all those things we only know subliminally. Through warped physical movement, I explore the realm of déjà vu where dreams and intuition collide. From smoke and darkness, a mysterious creature will emerge to draw you away from reality and into the vacuum of déjà vu. 

(Image: Sarah Walker)

#DearDiary at Howard Fine Acting Studio

First stop on the #DearDiary tour was the Howard Fine Acting Studio. I performed the show with a Q&A (which almost went longer than the show itself!) to the Studio's full-time and part-time acting students, as well as members of the public who also turned up for the joyride. Once again, it was a full house and a special night. There was even a man there who had seen the very first preview show at Melbourne Fringe 2015 and had decided to come back to see where the show was at now!

#DearDiary Encore Season success

Once again, #DearDiary has enjoyed sell-out shows and further critical acclaim during its June encore season at The Butterfly Club. The Age's Entertainment Guide even featured the show in its Top 20 Things To Do in Melbourne. Click the links below to read some of the interesting articles and listen to radio interviews of Andi talking about the unique nature of the show and its extraordinary ongoing journey.

Schoolgirl's diary shared on stage via Herald Sun/Whitehorse Leader
#DearDiary in The Shortlist Top 20 via The Age
Five Pearls of Wisdom from Andi Snelling's Teenage Diary via Scenestr
#DearDiary Interview via SYN FM
#DearDiary Interview via WYN FM (click on 19th May)
#DearDiary Interview via The Australia Times
Meet Andi Snelling via Scribble Creative

#DearDiary featured in The Age's Shortlist of Top 20 Things To Do in Melbourne

Small Time Criminals filming

I have begun filming an exciting new project by innovative game-makers, Pop-Up Playground. They have leased an old bank in Preston and transformed the entire building into an interactive bank heist experience, Small Time Criminals. As part of this experience, players will watch footage of some of the bank's employees to get clues. A concurrent webseries will also run featuring this motley crew of bankers and their office antics. Cue my character - Sally...

MC for Melbourne Knowledge Week

I have just MCed Human Habitats: High Density as part of The City of Melbourne's Melbourne Knowledge Week 2016. It was a sold-out event, with speakers from diverse fields exploring the opportunities and challenges of living in a high-density future. I love MC work because of the wide variety of industries I get to experience through it. I can say without a doubt that urban planners and architects are fun people! Here's a photo of me on the night. Hands gestures come free! #habitats16 #MKW2016

#DearDiary encore season

Due to popular demand, my one-woman existential joyride, #DearDiary is having an encore season 1st - 5th June, 7pm at The Butterfly Club. I am delighted to have been asked back and can't wait to share the show now that it's even bigger and better, following the sold-out season at Adelaide Fringe. Tickets went on sale 24 hours ago and are already disappearing! Bookings here

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

This is my 5th year in a row of performing in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival! YAY! This year, I'm doing Cliffhanger with my impro comedy group, The Big Hoo-Haa Melbourne. And for my first show of the Festival, I won Cliffhanger with my improvised Children's Musical "Stick Town." Who knew sticks could prove such a vote-worthy storyline with a comedy audience?! Here's me holding the winner's trophy, which is almost bigger than my ego! Come check us out every Tues, Thurs & Sat of the Festival, 10pm-11pm at The Butterfly Club. Book here.

Me with fellow improvisers, Rik Brown and Luke Ryan.

New Project: That's Not a Daffodil!

I have just completed a week of Creative Development for a cute little show called That's Not a Daffodil! by Jump Leads Productions, directed by Gorkem Acaroglu. It's a stylised, physical show with songs and shadow puppetry, based on the award-winning children's book by Elizabeth Honey. There are plans for this show to go on a large-scale tour next year, so watch this space! Meanwhile, here's me in the lead role of Tom, a young boy who learns an important lesson about growing a plant.

#DearDiary Critical Acclaim

Here is the final rundown of amazing reviews from #DearDiary's Adelaide Fringe 2016 season:

- ★★★★1/2 "Snelling is charming, charismatic and hilarious, pulling off this unique show with a flair that grips the audience...engaging and funny...Snelling’s performance is outstanding." - Glam Adelaide

- ★★★★ "A compelling show... An entertaining, at times deeply moving, look at the nature of the human condition... inquisitive and insightful." - The Advertiser

★★★★"A fascinating experience...a talented and warm performer." - The Clothesline

★★★★ "#DearDiary is self-reflexive, clever and moving." - Rip It Up

"Human, honest and gritty... superbly nuanced... The audience felt, and truly was, at one with Snelling" - The Barefoot Review

"Snelling’s account of the value and the virtue of keeping a diary and her engaging honesty make #DearDiary a charming and illuminating confessional... An unpretentious show told with honesty and charm by a performer who lights up the stage."  - Canberra Critics Circle

- "She is a phenomenal actor and singer, captivating the audience during the entire performance." - Fringe Review