Risk Residency at Darebin Arts

I have been feverishly ferreting away this March-April at my Risk Residency at the Darebin Arts Centre, supported by Darebin Council. It's my first time in 1.5 years back in a rehearsal room getting creative. It's been so fulfilling having this amazing opportunity to take creative risks with such freedom and support from Darebin Arts. I've been exploring themes of overcoming adversity, inspired by my own experience of navigating chronic Lyme disease and the daily struggle for survival this has thrust upon me. I feel art has a powerful capacity to make the experience of invisible illness more visible, whilst magically bringing humanity together through the distance of the abstract. It has been a fruitful period in which I now feel inspired to create my third solo work, which I anticipate will blend contemporary dance and clowning in ugly-beautiful comedic bliss.