Two Trees audio book

This week I received something rather special in the post. It was a CD with the (almost) final version of Two Trees - the audio book which I recorded last year and co-edited earlier this year. Two Trees is a touching book made up of 36 stories written by Afghan women who have learnt to read and write at the OPAWC Vocational Training Centre in Kabul. The artwork which sits alongside each story is done by Melbourne artists and the original idea for the book came from talented Melbourne artist Gali Weiss. The project has also had the support of SAWA (Support Association for the Women of Afghanistan). Fellow voice artist and project collaborator Janet Watson-Kruse then had the idea of extending the project by creating an audio book version. The result is very moving. Stay tuned for the next phase of this humbling project.

If you wish to purchase the original book, please click here.