Guest Speaker at Rotary event

I was recently invited by the Rotary organisation to speak at their Charter Anniversary event on the theme of "Looking Back to the Future." I was lucky enough to be sponsored by Rotary in 1998 to go on their incredible Youth Exchange program which saw me spend one year in a French high school at the age of 15. This experience certainly shaped the course of my life, so I was more than honoured to speak at the event about my life since exchange and in particular, my seven years working as an actor in Europe. I've done a lot of MCing and presenting over the years, but it was a much more personal experience, sharing my life journey so far.

Following the talk, I will now be doing more work with Rotary to help them spread their message of international goodwill and understanding through their exchange program. The timing of all this is uncanny, as I have recently begun writing a show about how our past connects to our present and the day I was reading a diary I wrote in 1998, was the day Rotary contacted me to speak. It's funny how serendipitous life is sometimes.