Virginia Woolf Radio Play

Last year, I co-penned and co-devised a nifty little Play with Songs on Virginia Woolf and the women of the Bloomsbury Group. We took our inspiration from Woolf's "A Room of One's Own." We performed it to sold-out houses at La Mama as part of their excellent Explorations season. This year, we are transforming our gem of a piece into a Radio Play which we will be recording in the coming months. It's a wonderful challenge to create a project from scratch, particularly about such a heavily analysed historical figure, and then continue to re-work and re-work and re-work it! The songs, composed by Faye Bendrups, are absolute genius and capture the essence of the struggles, the creativity and the wit of these incredible Bloomsbury women. I look forward to further research on Vanessa Bell - the role I play - and the next phase in this ever ongoing process of co-devising.

Claire Nicholls as Virginia Woolf and myself as Vanessa Bell.