Corporate Role-Play for State Government of Victoria

I've been doing a lot of acting role-play work for many years now. Often, I work as a Simulated Patient for various hospitals, universities and institutions, helping to train doctors, medical staff and medical students in communication skills and high stakes emergency or surgery situations. I also do corporate role-play jobs for large organisations and businesses and have this year been doing such work for the State Government of Victoria. It is confidential so I can't share the details, but it is very rewarding work, using my skills as a professionally-trained actor to assist in the understanding of human interactions and ultimately, the development of greater empathy. When you do this type of work, you see the impact of it immediately as the simulations are often so real and believable. It's wonderful work for an actor and I feel very lucky that all my "on the side" jobs utilise my acting abilities. It means I'm practising my craft every, single week.

Sometimes I bring in my own props to help create the role-play character's world more.

Sometimes I bring in my own props to help create the role-play character's world more.

#DearDiary encore season

Due to popular demand, my one-woman existential joyride, #DearDiary is having an encore season 1st - 5th June, 7pm at The Butterfly Club. I am delighted to have been asked back and can't wait to share the show now that it's even bigger and better, following the sold-out season at Adelaide Fringe. Tickets went on sale 24 hours ago and are already disappearing! Bookings here

VocalLab with David Coury

This weekend I participated in a thrilling vocal workshop - VocalLab - with voice coach extraodinaire, David Coury, currently out from L.A. Having worked with David twice before, this was a great opportunity to add to the vocal building blocks I'd previously learnt from him. It was a very freeing and collaborative singing workshop, in which we melded together several songs of very different styles to create the one eclectic mash-up. As always, it was singspirational!