Déjà Vu (And Other Forms of Knowing) coming to Melbourne Fringe

My hotly anticipated new solo show is tearing up the rehearsal room and almost ready to go! Ticket sales have rocketed away, with Opening Night already 50% sold! After the huge success of #DearDiary - a show which is still on tour as we speak! - I am excited to be returning to my dancing roots and taking my work in a completely different direction. I've thrown out the pages and am diving body-first into my subconscious mind in this dark physical theatre exploration of all those things we only know subliminally. Through warped physical movement, I explore the realm of déjà vu where dreams and intuition collide. From smoke and darkness, a mysterious creature will emerge to draw you away from reality and into the vacuum of déjà vu. 

(Image: Sarah Walker)

#DearDiary at Adelaide Fringe 2016

Following a hugely successful run at Melbourne Fringe 2015, my one-woman existential joyride, #DearDiary is about to head over to Adelaide. Tickets are already selling faster than I can write in my diary and I am pumped! Full details can be found HERE in the official, hot-off-the-press Adelaide Fringe Guide. Or, if you're more of a Facebook kinda person, the official Event is HERE.