Q&A Hosting - La Mama Theatre

On Tuesday 9th December at 9.30pm I will be hosting a Q&A Forum at La Mama Theatre, Carlton, following a performance of Dog Day Trio as part of the Explorations season. I've done Q&A hosting before and love engaging with the audience and creatives in a way that is so different to what I'm used to as an actor. 

The Lion's Bride Q&A Hosting

There's a nifty little show on next week at the Northcote Town Hall called The Lion's Bride by innatum theatre. It's got all those ingredients which I love - physical theatre, mask work and poetry. I'm excited to have been asked by the company's artistic director Tammie Kite, to host the post-show Q&A Session next Thursday 28th August. In preparation, I'll be reading Gwen Harwood's poetry, which isn't bad homework to have now, is it?