Performing for Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

Last night, I had the pleasure of performing a rather unusual role for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra's Secret Symphony. For an hour prior to the concert at the State Library of Victoria, I entertained (or perhaps, freaked out!) the audience as my interactive character who recited poetry and gave away clues to a crowd piecing together the puzzle of which symphony would be performed. Here are some shots taken at the event:

6-hour Chekhov Improvisation

Today I had an amazing time living and breathing the character of Simeonov-Pishchik from Anton Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard for 6 hours straight of improvisation. This was an interactive theatrical experience run by Pop Up Playground called New Life In This House. Set in the hauntingly beautiful Abbotsford Convent, we improvised according to the whims of our audience and re-wrote the story of the doomed Ranyevsky estate. 

#TrueRomansAll - my next project

Here is a thing what I find myself in...

It's a special collaboration between Bell Shakespeare and Pop Up Playground and is based on Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. #TrueRomansAll will pull together site-specific performance, improvisation and Shakespeare, all under the umbrella of 'Choose-Your-Own-Adventure.' I will be performing the role of Calpurnia - Caesar's wife - and cannot wait to hit the rehearsal room.